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Welcome to McLaughlin College

Founded in 1968, McLaughlin College was named in honour of the late Colonel R.S. McLaughlin, business pioneer. The College is dedicated to fostering knowledge and critical analysis of public policy. Special attention is given to improvement of society, the local Samuel McLaughlincommunity, the province, Canada, and international relations. McLaughlin's founding Master, George Tatham, insisted that the college emphasise the whole person. Therefore, the arts, music, poetry, and athletics all have a prominent place in life at McLaughlin College.

McLaughlin College serves both non-residential and residential students. McLaughlin College's Tatham Hall offers both single and double room accommodation on 12 floors separated into 6 different houses. There are 9 co-ed floors, 2 all female floors, and 1 all male floor, all of which are in a non-smoking atmosphere. Each house has a Common Room and kitchenette. The Residence Life Coordinator and Dons work closely with house executives in an active Residence Council.

McLaughlin College Council maintains a high profile in College activities. Our Sport and Recreation Program encourages active participation in all levels of intramural sports activity on the York Campus. Social activities include talent nights, multi-cultural conventions, winter and year-end formal dinner dances, overnight trips, and many more special events. McLaughlin's ever-popular Kid's Day, where children from local elementary schools come to York University and participate in a variety of activities, is a very rewarding, community-minded tradition.

In the York community of more than 50,000 students, faculty, and staff, McLaughlin College can help you to find your niche and provide a focus for your academic career. There is always an opportunity to get involved and make a difference. Drop by your Student Council Office and let us hear your concerns, suggestions, and yes, even criticisms. Remember, this is your college. Let us know what kind of programming YOU would like to see from your elected Student Government at McLaughlin College. There is so much we can accomplish - but we need your help!